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Waterproofing & Drains


  • A permanent solution to a damp free basement.

  • We cover all work related areas with plywood and tarps as required.

  • We ensure all areas of the property and that of your neighbours' are protected.

  • Concrete and asphalt is machine cut as required to assure a controlled seam on completion.

  • We excavate to below the footings and clean all wall and footing areas.

  • We open any cracks and install below grade compound.

  • We install a chemical bonding wash on all areas.

  • We cement coat complete areas and add chemical bonding to same cement.

  • We tar coat and install Delta rigid membrane from base of walls to grade.

  • We install washed gravel and a new weeping drainage system and connect to the main drains as per code.

  • We cover the weeping drainage system with washed gravel and machine tamp all backfill to grade.

  • We remove all debris from the site and restore areas as before.

  • We take great pride in our clean up.

  • Our finished job carries a 10 Year Guaranty.


  • We offer 24 hour emergency drain service.

  • We camera main drain systems.

  • We use only fully licensed drain specialists.