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Roofing & Eaves


  • We install protective coverings in all work related areas.

  • We drape and protect walls and neighbouring properties as required.

  • We remove all existing roof coverings and reinforce all roof decking and replace damaged lumber as required.

  • We install ice and water membrane at eaves on the complete perimeter.

  • We install pre-finished metal drip edge at eaves.

  • We install pre-finished metal in valley areas.

  • We re-flash and or replace sky lights.

  • We install #1 brand name IKO shingles with 25 year to 50 year lifespan.

  • We vent as per code and install pre-finished metal at chimney, dormers, walls etc.

  • We clean up and remove all debris from the site.

  • Our finished job carries a 10 Year Guaranty on our workmanship and a 25 to 50 Year Guaranty on material (as per the manufacturer's guaranty).


  • We install custom five and six inch aluminum eavestrough and down pipes.

  • We install custom aluminum and vinyl soffit and fascia materials.